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Monday, June 3, 2013

Seven Days of Photos

This week I chose to take photos of things that make me smile.  I thought it would be nice, at the end of the week, to look through the photos and see that everyday something made me smile.  It was actually challenging to choose one thing.  There were two days, Wednesday and Sunday, when I had not remembered to take my photo until the day was almost over.  I purposely chose not to put photos of people because I didn't want them to have to have their picture in my blog if they didn't want to be, especially, students at school.  The one picture with a person in it, is on Saturday, and that was at a parade.  I figured that since many people were taking photos at the parade, including the newspaper, it would be alright to have her picture taken.  

This was technically easy because I was able to take the photo using my phone each day and then open the Blogger app on my phone to add a picture and a caption to my post each day.  It was kind of fun to think about something to take a photo of that would be something that makes me smile.  Now that all of the pictures are posted, it is nice to look back at some of the simple things that made me smile during the week.  It is interesting that four of the seven pictures are of something that is outdoors.  I wonder if the same would be true if it was a different season.  I think it might still be the case in other seasons too.  I guess it shows me how important it is to me to see beautiful scenes outside.  It also shows that I am fortunate to live in an area that has so much pretty scenery.  These photos were taken in Putney, VT, West Dover, VT, Hinsdale, NH and Brattleboro, VT.  

My final thought is that it would be very challenging to do this project for 365 days only because I think I would forget to do it on some days.  However, I think it would a fun challenge that would allow some valuable reflection on the year.  

Here are my seven photos from this past week:

Monday - Morning coffee...brings the day's first smile.

Wednesday - The sun setting on the river after boating with friends brings me a smile to have had such a nice afternoon with them.

Tuesday - The morning sun in the yard brings me a smile because it is such a pretty day.

Thursday - Watching and listening to the  brook in my backyard makes me smile.

Friday - Reading the Secret Garden to the second graders makes me smile.

Saturday - Being at the "Strolling of the Heifers" parade in Brattleboro, VT, watching one little calf who did NOT want to stroll up the parade route, made me smile.  It was too cute!  They ended up putting him in a truck because he was holding up the whole parade!

Sunday - Getting into bed, after a weekend full of activities, with a good book, makes me smile.

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