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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cell Phone Digital Story

Creating a digital story on my cell phone is turning into a serious challenge for me.  One issue is that I have only owned an iPhone since November.  I use it to do many things but I have never made a digital story on it.  My first step was to create a story and find pictures to illustrate it.  I used pictures I already had on my phone and I went to Creative Commons on Flikr to search for specific photos.  I made screenshots of the Flikr pictures so they went into my camera roll on the phone.  Next, I had to find an app to install on my phone that could let me put the story together.  I thought this would be pretty easy, but it was more challenging than I thought.

I searched the App Store for “digital story” and found a lot of children’s stories, templates or created stories that were being shared.   I tried My Movie Maker but it allowed very little text and only one free background and song.  My next strategy was to look for apps of digital story makers I have used on the computer.  I tried WeVideo first.  It allowed me to grab pictures and that was all.  There were no tools to put the story together.  Then I searched for Photo Story.  Looking at the details of it I didn’t notice any audio capabilities so I didn’t install it.  I next sent a message to my tech teacher for advice.  He suggested The Digital Story.  I installed that and then found that it was just a collection of created stories to view.  I searched some more and found the Story Creator Pro app.  The details noted it used photos, video, audio and text.  That was what I installed and used.  It was pretty easy to make.  I just typed the text on each page and added pictures from my camera roll.  However, t would not allow me to add video, which was disappointing.  I was able to record my voice, but it didn’t have any background music.  The text font that I was choosing for each page would sometimes switch to the font I wanted and sometimes it would not.  I tried over and over to get them all the same, but it would not change on some of the pages.  I also noted that the words are highlighted, one at a time, when it is played, to aid readers.  This is a nice feature, However, I didn’t record my voice at the right pace, so the word being spoken doesn’t match the word being highlighted.  That is another feature I need to play with some more to get it in sync.  Other than that, creating it was easy.  

After It was done, another challenge ensued.  It had an option to upload it, to share it on Facebook or to email it.  I emailed it to myself and I uploaded it.  After the upload was done, I didn’t know where it went.  I also used my USB cord and tried uploading it again to my computer, but once again it was nowhere to be found.  So I emailed the app creator Alligator Apps to ask how to upload the Story Creator story I created.  The reply was that it can only be opened on an iOS device.  So I can not open it on my computer and I can only open it on my iPhone by opening up the Story Creator app.

To view the digital story I created I was instructed by Story Creator to follow these instructions:

1. Download the Story Creator app from the App Store from the link below

2. Click on the link below to view my story

If you already have the Story Creator app installed, skip step 1
and just click on the second link to view my story.

You may not be able to open my story so with help from my school technology coordinator I will try to make another one using another app.   I am going to investigate the Photo Story app and Animoto.  I may also see if there is a Photo Peach app.  I hope to add another completed digital story that everyone can open asap.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Today I used an app called Story Kit to create a whole new digital story on my phone. It allowed photos, text and audio recording.

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