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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Creative Commons License Choice

For this blog I chose the Creative Commons license that allows attribution to my work for non-commercial use.  I chose this because it allows anyone to use something that I have created, to change it, use pieces of it and to add to it so they can use it for the purpose they need.  I want to allow readers to do this because I think it is important for educators and contributors to share their resources and their work to benefit others.  All of the work that I do is to help students learn so my thoughts are that by sharing what I have worked on with other teachers, I can help many more students than just the ones that I have in my own classrooms.

Many of the projects that I have done have required me to use resources and materials that other people have created.  Other teachers' work have helped me and I certainly want to be able to help others have the same opportunity as I have had by using something I have created.  We all work very hard and we should let that hard work help as many people as possible.  Therefore I want teachers and students to have use of anything I create to help the learning process.

I chose a non-commercial license because the projects that I create are not meant to make money.  I have not earned money from any of them.  They are all done to help my students learn or to help me learn.  The point of my creating any work for students and teachers is just to help, not to make money from them.  Therefore, I do not want others to use my projects to sell them or profit from them either.

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